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52 Weeks; 52 Rayguns

52 Weeks; 52 Rayguns

K87 Ender
"K87 Ender" by Cory Schmitz

It begins with time travel, naturally. A secretive entity known only as ‘The Company’ is struggling with legal restrictions upon the design of its military hardware, but a loophole has been found. A representative has called for aid from the year 2257, enlisting the help of designers in our present day. Those who can help have been promised payment to their descendants, some 250 years from now. For now, we of the mere internet age (rather than that of the raygun) must simply be content with a gallery, of imaginative and quite varied raygun concepts.

Raygun52┬áis a year-long project which has been running since April – I only recently came across it myself. It’s no longer accepting submissions, but those artists who have contributed already are credited for posterity and future profiteering.

This non-profit project – which appears to be the brainchild of one Alex Griendling – can be visited upon at Raygun52.com, where it is hosted “purely for the benefit of raygun enthusiasts and The Company in 2258”.

"The Grinder" by Matt Stevens