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The “Raygun Gothic Rocket Ship” Has Landed

The “Raygun Gothic Rocket Ship” Has Landed

David Shulman (left) and Sean Orlando; photo By Bill Wilson ©2010

Update after update seems to focus on this, the Black Rock Art Foundation-funded raypunk showcase on San Francisco’s waterfront, but it does currently stand as a beacon for ‘the future that never was’ . This week it was acknowledged at its opening ceremony by San Francisco’s mayor, Gavin Newsom.

The Rocket Ship was declared open on Friday, with a launch party attracting media and sci-fi fans alike. The rocket builders themselves have been linking to a few fun Flickr galleries, and their blog has links to some very decent launch day video.

Attendees included Elvis, goggle-wearing space rock band Phenomenauts, pulp fiction literature buffs and a curious orange pachyderm.

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