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“The Future That Never Was” Design Challenge

“The Future That Never Was” Design Challenge

It looks as though DeviantART is joining in the raypunk spirit, with its latest DeviantWEAR competition given a retrofuture theme.

This regularly-held competition invites artists and designers in their community to come up with new apparel designs, with cash prizes and printed examples of their wok to distribute amongst friends and family. The winning piece is judged by the community, narrowing down from hundreds of entries.

Aspiring entrants are invited to download the t-shirt template, upload their designs and then promote it heavily until the closing date of January the 25th, since votes are based on people clicking an “I would wear this” button. From here, the top 75 entries are judged by senior DeviantART staff in order to determine the two winning designs.

The rules and process are available to view here; as is a random selection of those pieces which have been submitted to the competition category. Of course, as so often happens with DeviantART, there are a few pieces in there which bear no relevance at all to a t-shirt design…