TV programmes are listed by title.


Doctor Who (II) (2001-)
The rebooted Doctor Who has featured many hints of raypunk sci-fi, though the idea of a time-traveller with human companion, scouring space and time to fix certain events is in itself quite raypunk. The Doctor is a Timelord, last of his race but continuing a lifestyle in which he and a companion journey the cosmos simply to observe its wonders.

Firefly (2002)
Though Malcolm Reynolds and his crew inhabit something more of a post-raypunk world, there are leanings back to raygun technology and a raypunk/steampunk blend of fashions. The series follows the Serenity crew’s adventures – a band of free smugglers on the outskirts of a galaxy ruled by the empirical Alliance.

Futurama (1999-2003, 2007-)
Named for one of raypunk’s founding movements, Futurama pokes fun at modern and retrofuturistic society both. Philip J. Fry is a pizza delivery boy with no prospects who, on the eve of a new millenium, finds himself cryogenically frozen. He emerges into the year 3000 and with it a world of spaceships, robots and lobster doctors.


Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001)
Some episodes in seasons 5 to 7 feature Tom Paris and Harry Kim in their raypunk holodeck fantasy, The Adventures of Captain Proton. This raygun-toting hero, played by Tom Paris, is accompanied by Harry Kim as Buster Kincaid in a series of holo-stories, some of which threaten the Voyager crew at large.

U.F.O. (1970-71)

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