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Gordon’s Alive!

Gordon’s Alive!

I’m predictably late on this update, so those of you who have a local comics shop may already be aware of the revival of raypunk icon, Flash Gordon. Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist is a series which started in November on the Dynamite Entertainment publishing label, with Eric Trautmann, Alex Ross and Daniel Lindro at the helm. Trautmann is perhaps best known to you – as he is me – for writing the Halo story bible, thus contributing to the game’s printed art book as well.

The announcement came with a series of variant cover artworks, which are included in a gallery below. It’s evident that Zeitgeist’s storyline involves a certain Austrian dictator, but as of yet I’ve been unable to read the comics for myself.

Issue 4 is the most recent at the time of writing, and the Zeitgeist series rounds off an impressive raypunk trio at Dynamite, since they also publish Dan Dare and Buck Rogers.