Kickstarter: Retropolis Rocket Ship

Bradley W. Schenck, developer of the now-ubiquitous Pulp-o-miser, has launched another Kickstarter project - this time offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his 3D-based artwork.

Mariangela Melato Dies

There’s been sad news this week, with the news that Italian actress Mariangela Melato – best known to us for her portrayal of General Kala in Dino De Laurentiis’¬†Flash Gordon – has died as a result of pancreatic cancer aged 71. As The Guardian‘s own obituary puts it: She won...

Rocketeer Reboot?

Rumours abound what could be this decade's answer to "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow", with a rumour that Disney may reboot "The Rocketeer".

Kickstarter: The Lair of the Clockwork Book

Imagine a future in which everyone’s lifetime events, passions and slip-ups are recorded in a great book, by a machine which is capable of recalling these at will to anyone who asks. All it asks in return is a story of your own. This is the premise of Bradley W....

“The Future That Never Was” Design Challenge

It looks as though DeviantART is joining in the raypunk spirit, with its latest DeviantWEAR competition given a retrofuture theme. This regularly-held competition invites artists and designers in their community to come up with new apparel designs, with cash prizes and printed examples of their wok to distribute amongst friends...