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Tabletop Combat with Hydra Miniatures

Tabletop Combat with Hydra Miniatures

I think it was Wes Herbst who brought this to my attention some time ago, but I see that quite recently, Hydra Miniatures has come to British shores. So, in the hopes of making up for lost time, I thought I’d draw interested eyes towards this growing tabletop collection.

Hydra Miniatures is a US-based producer of pulp-inspired wargames sets, with ranges including spaceships and prehistoric monsters. To quote their website:

We feel the market is flooded with Tolkienesque fantasy miniatures—orcs, dwarves, and elves. The same goes for sci-fi bodybuilder commandoes in power armor fighting H.R. Giger-inspired xenomorphs. Frankly, we’re sick of it. And who needs yet another miniatures company creating the same thing you’ve seen a hundred times? Our mission is to break away from these clichés and create never before seen figures that no one else is doing. Figures that fire your imagination and inspire you to new gaming possibilities.

All their sets have an element of pulp to them, but raypunk tastes draw us to the Retro Raygun and War Rocket sets. Without having bought or seen any of these pieces myself, I can’t actually speak for how the game plays, but one of the joy of tabletop lays in simply appreciating the figures:

Hydra’s president and chief sculptor is Matt Beauchamp, with Scott Francek contributing to the product sculptures. Theirs is a US-based, online retail venture, but as I’ve mentioned, Hydra Miniatures are now stocked in Britain too, at Wargames Emporium of Sheffield and Mansfield.

Individual figures start at around £3/$4 each for Retro Raygun, and £5/$6.95 for War Rocket. There’s also a rule book for War Rocket, priced at £18, though curiously none listed for the infantry series, which are $18 direct from Hydra.