PortraitGemma Thomson (formerly known as “Sinnyo“) is a game designer, amateur photographer and science fiction fan. After being raised from childhood on the likes of Star Trek: The Next GenerationDune and Flash Gordon, she jumped at the chance to study art deco and streamline moderne design in college. University saw her dive full-on into the classic narrative worlds of fishbowl helmets and rayguns, and she’s never really came up for air since.

Gemma’s passion for this blending of narrative and aesthetic bloomed when she co-founded the Second Life world of Extropia. Here was founded a community of positive-thinking futurists, with ‘raygun gothic’ as its theme. Her understanding of raypunk was formed here, and as the years have passed since, these influences have spread into her other creative projects – most notably in 2015’s A Planet Wakes. was founded part-way through Gemma’s tenure at Extropia, in 2010. Conversations with its co-founders led directly to the coining of this term, to mean something which embodied aspects of cyber- and steampunk but which was rooted instead in the positive future as glimpsed from around the 1950s. Gemma decided to explore the theme more openly in the form of this blog and an accompanying Tumblr site, so that others might help refine “raypunk” and perhaps even encounter its wonders for the first time.

Gemma’s homepage and contact details may be found at; she also rambles around Twitter under the username ‘RaygunGoth‘.