Kickstarter: Retropolis Rocket Ship

Bradley W. Schenck, developer of the now-ubiquitous Pulp-o-miser, has launched another Kickstarter project – this time offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his 3D-based artwork.

Mariangela Melato Dies

There’s been sad news this week, with the news that Italian actress Mariangela Melato – best known to us for her portrayal of General Kala in Dino De Laurentiis’¬†Flash Gordon – has died as a result of pancreatic cancer aged 71. As The Guardian‘s own obituary puts it: She won…

Rocketeer Reboot?

Rumours abound what could be this decade’s answer to “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”, with a rumour that Disney may reboot “The Rocketeer”.

Captain America: The First Avenger

While on the face of it, this film – about a man who’s heroic beyond his diminutive appearance – is not an obviously raypunk one, I found it shared many of the values of the genre. I thought I might explore those parts where raypunk ideals and technology seemed to come to the fore.